Saturday, June 8, 2013

I got Tag

Weyhey Guys, I got tag from Yohanna, Diprath and Shabrina , sorry yaa baru ngerjain tag sekarang :) wahaha, soalnya lagi pingin vakum dari blog, oke langsung capcus!

* Post this rule.
* Write 11 things about yourself.
* Answer the question the tagger set to you.
* Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
* Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
* You are not allowed to tag back.


  •  11 things about me
  1. Addicted with Liam James Payne
  2. I'm silly and crazy girl!
  3. Live in Yogyakarta , Indonesia
  4. Have thick and dry hair :s *i'm really want have wet hair! it mean...yeah you know
  5. Want to be profesional photographer
  6. I can breathe!
  7. Blue and Red are my favorite colour
  8. i'm unique
  9. If i meet stranger , i'm be a silent. But if i meet my best friends , i'm be a super crazy
  10. I can't talk english well, but I tried to talk english well
  11. Hate math

  • Question from Yohanna
* What's your religion?
* What musical instruments can you play?
pianika :s, but i can play piano 
* Android or Blackberry?
* Bali or Bandung?
* Do you agree if Fatin Shidqia dan Mikha Angelo in relationship? why?
I don't think so, cause they are doesn't match
* Do you like the food of Indonesia? if you like what food?
Yes very much, I like rendang, gudeg, bakwan kawi
* Cheese or chocolate?
Chocolate, and little bit cheese
* Are you like bule?
* What do you think about "Cakka Nuraga" ?
Handsome boy from Yogyakarta
* Line, WeChat, or instagram?
Line! and little bit instagram :p
* Who is your favorite artist in Indonesian?
hmm, Agnes Monica
  •  Question from Shabrina

  1. Nama account twitter nya apa? ~ @althaedwita *follow boleh lho
  2. Punya blackberry or android? ~ gak dua2 nya pinginnya android!
  3. Biasnya siapa? ~ Bias? o_o
  4. Suka anime? ~ sedikit :p
  5. Agamanya apa? ~Katolik
  6. Pernah difitnah gak sama orang? ~PERNAH BINGITS
  7. Kejadian paling memalukan? ~teriak-teriak gajelas di tempat umum
  8. Sering gosok gigi? ~sering lah -__- km enggak kan? :p
  9. Cowo banci kaya or kece miskin? ~kece miskin lah
  10. Suka banget sama K-ON atau biasa aja? ~biasa zaja
  11. Lagu yang PALING suka banget? ~TAKEN PUNYA NYA ONEDIRECTION!
  • Question from Diprath
* What's your future goals?
my future goals are, my parent must to proud have me, and can be a photographer
* Who do you want to be?
* Who is your inspiration?
Liam James Payne
* What things do you want to buy but yet accomplished?
A camera DSLR, and android ;3
* Friend or Family?
* Education or Hobby?
* Comic or Novel?
Oh i can't choose the one! -__-
* Singer or Actress/Actor?
ALL! i can't choose :p
* What is your favorite day? Why?
Saturday and Sunday because it's weekend
* Who do you want to meet now?
* Smart or Dilligent? Why?
Diligent because smart doesn't mean dilligent (?) wkwk
  • My Question yeah!
  1. Tinggal dimana?
  2. Suka sama 1D? kalo suka , pilih siapa?
  3. Chibi, Smash, ato Blink?
  4. 1D, The Wanted, ato The beatles?
  5. Jomblo ngenes ato Jomblo bahagia?
  6. Moment-moment paling istimewa yg km inget ada?
  7. Cowo cuek ato Cowo crewet?
  8. Benda ato harapan apa yg km pingin banget?
  9. Pernah gak km pacaran paling lama berapa bulan/tahun/minggu?
  10. Apa sih kesukaan kamu?
  11. Orang yg paling memotivasi km?
This is for Maora   , Gusti Elissa , Arisa, dan kalian yg membaca tag ini :D


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