Monday, December 5, 2011

Today Bored

Halo guys how was your day, happy? sad? angry? scary? silly? or what? nah today i want to tell you about something. Hah! yap my friends go to amplaz today. thats is fun. -..- I want too. you know amplaz? yap amplaz is plaza ambarukmo in Jogja this is mall. Most my friends watch the movie There are PJP or Breaking dawn . (P)oconggg J(uga) P(ocong)

But me? stay in home. accompanied by my internet and my blog -..- bored today. And some make me feel happy is my test today is over Yiipi! It was pleasant to me! And I can't wait my holiday on december, 18 2011. but that is not fun is go to school on the 2nd of January huh! only 18 days -..- but it would make me happy. Okay thats it make me bored today. Thanks to read my others posting :D

Altha, Bene_Julyta

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